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3 Special Methods To Get Rid Of Hard Water Stains Quickly

Every home is not speared from the plagues of hard water. Irrespective of how you maintain or clean your home, there is every possibility to experience the tough touch of hard water. One thing is for sure that hard water will not disappear by only wiping it down with your normal cleaner.

Get Rid Of Hard Water Stains

The minerals that have piled up in your water needs to be broken down. This is where hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, baking soda and salt come into play. Using any of these solutions will help to soften your water for safe use. Water softener reviews on this site are designed to help you get rid of hard water stains quickly.

Vinegar And Baking Soda Is Used to Get Rid Of Hard Water Stains From Drinking Glasses

There is every possibility for your drinking glasses to become discolored and foggy over time. Even if you soak the glass for several months, the milky film will not remove. Putting the glasses in your dishwasher will not remove the stain. Using a simple homemade concoction is the best way to get rid of hard water stains from your glasses.

Items you need for the process are lemons, warm water, baking soda, lemon juice and white vinegar. Mix every item above and pour into a container or a huge tub and allow your glasses to be soaked for a space of thirty minutes. Pull out the glasses later and see the hard water removed quickly.

Hydrogen Peroxide For The Shower

It may be difficult to get good solution when your shower is affected by hard water stains. Using a simple method from your home may be the best solution to the problem. Below is the full process of getting rid of hard water from your shower.

  1. Two tsp of dishwashing liquid
  2. Twenty-four ounces of water
  3. Half rubbing alcohol
  4. Half cup of hydrogen peroxide
  5. Two tsp of automatic dishwasher rinse

All the items above should be combined in a spray bottle and pour into your shower. After you have sprayed the mixture on the shower, check the result later.

Epsom Salt For Faucets

Experts have mentioned that Epsom salt has the strength and capability to get rid of hard water stains easily and quickly. However, certain items should be available to get the job done.

  1. Half cup of baking soda
  2. One cup of Epsom salt
  3. One quarter of liquid dish soap

In a bowl, you can combine all the ingredients above and rub on your faucets. Ensure that the mixture is positioned on the actual area of the hard water stain. Within a few seconds, you will discover that the stains come off.


There are other methods that can still help you get rid of hard water stains easily. For instance, windows with apple cider vinegar are one of the best ways to help you achieve a great result.

The apple cider vinegar can be put into a bottle of spray and applied on the affected spot. Pumice stone is another great method that you can use to remove hard water stains. The stone mixed along with certain items will give you the best result.