Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy: Game Review

Created by QWOP creator, Bennett Foddy, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy video game was released as part onOctober 2017 and the other part was released on December 6. The game intends to give you the real meaning of “starting over is harder than starting up.” The game features a silent man sitting in a pot and wielding a Yosemite hammer.

The man, Diogenes, uses the hammer to catch objects and lift himself up. In the game, you are supposed to move the Diogenes’ upper body and the sledgehammer on a steep mountain using your mouse. The game becomes difficult as you progress and although it is quite entertaining, it will also irritate you as you try to move one level to the other.

#The Game Difficulty

Unlike many other games, Getting Over It aims at testing your patience, determination, and your ability to handle difficult challenges. Once you start the game, Diogenes is at the foot of a mountain, and you are supposed to find ways to use the sledgehammer to help him climb. However, the game doesn’t offer instructions on how to use the hammer, and you are expected to figure that out on your own.

Every level of the game has unseen challenges, and without any checkpoints, you can easily fall back and lose all your progress with one single mistake. It takes a lot of patience and determination to rise the levels with unforeseen challenges and high level of creativity to think how you are supposed to move Diogenes upwards. However, as you progress and approach challenges, the parts that seemed almost impossible will be a walk in the park.

#Fun of the Game

The game can be fun and frustrating at the same time with the aim of teaching you how to be persistence. For instance, after working so hard to climb a hill and you are almost at the top, and you use the hammer but it accidentally hits an obstacle on the other side, you will find yourself falling straight to the foot of the hill. Imagining all the effort, you have used to climb the hill can make you burn up with anger and at the same time laugh at yourself for making a clumsy mistake.

After the disappointment, you are going to get a satisfying feeling after you finally learn from your mistakes and finally manage to overcome all the obstacles. To add humor to the game, there are several jokes to ridicule your clumsy losses. To calm your nerves, there is also a soothing song that plays in the background whenever you encounter an irritating loss.

#Final Verdict

The game concept is more of a life lesson where there are no warnings of what you will encounter in ahead unless you gather the courage to take a step. The game teaches you how to overcome daily challenges and develop the courage to gather yourself up even when you fail. It also teaches you how to be cautious in that after you master the obstacles that are sending you at the bottom of the hill, you will be careful to avoid them a second time. Despite playing with your frustrations, once you make your way to the top, you will get a cooling bliss of accomplishment. With all these features, the game is worth trying.

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