Is Xbox Live Games With Gold really worth “the gold”?

So, It’s that time of year again. Microsoft has chosen to gift all of us gamers with a nice little bundle. For 2018’s Gold, they have added some of their best games in one package. We have added a quick overview of what the “gold package” is this time:

  • Zombi
  • The incredible adventures of Van Helsing 3
  • Tomb Raider: Underworld
  • Army of Two

Now sure, some of these games might be mediocre according to reviews, but one fun game among the bunch is Zombi. Zombi has reaped some pretty good reviews since it was released, but the other games aren’t to be taken lightly – there is still a lot of great fun left in Tomb Raider, for instance – even if you don’t appreciate the cult status it has, being the oldest game of the bunch.

Now, another one of the games that I’m looking forward to is Army of Two. Army of Two is – as you probably have already guessed, a two-player game, and I had some great fun playing it with friends. The game delivers a unique story-line and some pretty fun gameplay. You can choose to play it with the AI, but it will never really have the same entertainment value as playing the game like it was designed for – with a mate.

Now, where I really think that Microsoft struck gold (get it?), was when they chose to include The incredible adventures of Van Helsing on the list. This is a great game for fantasy lovers, and everyone who loves the Van Helsing franchise, has tried this game – and not only is it a known game, it’s the last one of the trilogy! I think, personally that it was a great choice by Microsoft to include this game on the list, since a lot of gamers may already have the other games in the trilogy, and this will be a nice addition to the collection.

I could have wished for a new game once in a while, but then again – that’s not the point of these gold bundles. This is a time to reminisce and enjoy some of the older games on a new gaming monitor that still has a lot more to give. I, for one, love that they included Tomb Raider on the list since this is really a childhood memory. But let’s be honest – it’s probably Zombi that’s the main attraction for this years Xbox Live Games With Gold.

I think that 2018’s Gold Games is an excellent lineup. It represents all genres, and there are some good old classics amongst them. I also think that it is great of them to include a “final chapter” of a trilogy, so that all of us “mere mortals” who may not have had the opportunity to either buy it, or have played through the others in the series, have a chance to get it at a good deal.

In my opinion, Microsoft has created a nice bundle that suits everybody, and with some nice, quality games.

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