NBA 2K18 Patch 8 Update: Everything You Need to Know

The new NBA 2K18 patch 8 update has come at the right time most notably to bring about changes to the instability brought about patch 7 upgrade (example, the instability presented in My Team Server). The patch update comes in the form of a 6GB data and for some reason has no official patch notes like details of what it sort to rectify apart from the general one that it sort to eliminate the instability gamers previously faced with patch 7 upgrade. In the patch upgrade, 8 some new classic and all-time stars have been added. An example of the players included are: Rashard Lewis to the All-Time Magic, All-Time Thunder - Kevin Martin, All-Time Kings-Donyell Marshall added to the 2007 Cavs team. Rashard is a great addition to the game for his past contribution to the Orlando Magic team that was always among the title contenders in the 2007- 2010 seasons. Rashard Lewis also averaged 20 points per game for Seattle Supersonics later in his career.

Roster Update

Apart from the addition of above players, there was an extensive update in the roster with Atlanta Hawks’ Tyler Cavanaugh carrying the day as the most improved player in overall statistics after getting a 7- point leap from an overall stat of 65 to 72. The surprising thing about Tyler Cavanaugh is that he is a rookie player. His last 5 matches have seen him averaging over 10 points and over 6 rebounds per game. The 23-year-old has had an accuracy rate of 50% from the 3 pointer shooting range. Before this successful run, he had only managed to get double-figure points in only one game.

Michael Beasley of the New York Knicks was also listed among the most improved in the list. The former number 2 draftee during the NBA draft pick has been averaging 22 points per game with an average of 7 rebounds too in his recent 6 match games. His overall stats rose from 73 to a new high of 78.

The team with the highest number of squad members that dropped in overall stat rankings was the Washington Wizards. The likes of -Bradley Beale -Otto Porter- Jason SmithAll dropped collectively with a stat drop of (-2).

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Release Date

The NBA 2K18 Patch 8 Upgrade was released on the Game’s website on December 21, 2017. It can be downloaded free of charge and occupies a storage space of 6GB.


In conclusion, we can all agree as gamers that this NBA 2K18 patch 8 upgrades came at the right time specifically for its role in the instability fixing what was brought about by patch 7 upgrade. Addition of some all-time stars came as a boost too, for most gamers who had wanted the inclusion of some of their most favorite stars like Rashard Lewis added to the game. The update of the roster brings about the competitive nature among the teams in the NBA 2K18 Game according to their recent form.In My Team server, one can now smoothly access the teams without the constant hang.My verdict about this NBA 2K18 patch 8 upgrade is that it’s a good addition and a must download from the game’s official website.

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