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Is Xbox Live Games With Gold really worth “the gold”?

So, It’s that time of year again. Microsoft has chosen to gift all of us gamers with a nice little bundle. For 2018’s Gold, they have added some of their best games in one package. We have added a quick overview of what the “gold package” is this time:

  • Zombi
  • The incredible adventures of Van Helsing 3
  • Tomb Raider: Underworld
  • Army of Two

Now sure, some of these games might be mediocre according to reviews, but one fun game among the bunch is Zombi. Zombi has reaped some pretty good reviews since it was released, but the other games aren’t to be taken lightly – there is still a lot of great fun left in Tomb Raider, for instance – even if you don’t appreciate the cult status it has, being the oldest game of the bunch.

Now, another one of the games that I’m looking forward to is Army of Two. Army of Two is – as you probably have already guessed, a two-player game, and I had some great fun playing it with friends. The game delivers a unique story-line and some pretty fun gameplay. You can choose to play it with the AI, but it will never really have the same entertainment value as playing the game like it was designed for – with a mate.

Now, where I really think that Microsoft struck gold (get it?), was when they chose to include The incredible adventures of Van Helsing on the list. This is a great game for fantasy lovers, and everyone who loves the Van Helsing franchise, has tried this game – and not only is it a known game, it’s the last one of the trilogy! I think, personally that it was a great choice by Microsoft to include this game on the list, since a lot of gamers may already have the other games in the trilogy, and this will be a nice addition to the collection.

I could have wished for a new game once in a while, but then again – that’s not the point of these gold bundles. This is a time to reminisce and enjoy some of the older games on a new gaming monitor that still has a lot more to give. I, for one, love that they included Tomb Raider on the list since this is really a childhood memory. But let’s be honest – it’s probably Zombi that’s the main attraction for this years Xbox Live Games With Gold.

I think that 2018’s Gold Games is an excellent lineup. It represents all genres, and there are some good old classics amongst them. I also think that it is great of them to include a “final chapter” of a trilogy, so that all of us “mere mortals” who may not have had the opportunity to either buy it, or have played through the others in the series, have a chance to get it at a good deal.

In my opinion, Microsoft has created a nice bundle that suits everybody, and with some nice, quality games.

Asus MG248Q 144hz Gaming Monitor: Review

This ultra-fast gaming display is very attractive and also this design is very creative for the acting or moving or capable of acting or moving types quickly games. This display actually takes 1ms for the reply, and a 144hz monitor will always give you refresh rate that is essential for superintendent types gameplay that is impressive. It will give you the advanced level of gaming settings that is really necessary for your high-quality games. It is one of the quickest types display that will smutch and also give you motion obscure during gameplay. It usually responds you instantly what you will see on your display screen and especially like fast paced games. If you feel like, you want to play car games, then you will get a shooting and cured pro that make you happy to play this game.

In the fast-moving ocular time, you would not be able to get any kind of discouraging lag in this display. This display widget is usually self-generated software quality, which is generally pull-off settings for Asus game visual system. You can take advantage of display widget that is OSD system and also navigational controllers, and that is useful for accessing faster and simpler. In this display, you can play 3D games, and also you can get third glasses for that reason you can see movies and games in a subversive process. It also has brighter 3d visuals that also attract you to play games. In the display, you can find high-level connectivity system that is dual-link DVI-d, HDMI, and port 1.2 and for that reason, you can think it as far-flung multimedia devices that can entertain you. For a panoramic gaming system, you can get here also a 1cm bezel that is very super narrow. In this monitor, you will find smart cable system that can give you to keep your gaming area more fastidious and you can take comfortable gaming experience by using flicker free application. Here is the Asus ultra low blue visible light that can scale down the amount of malign blue where you access different types of filer which will not make any kind of harm to your eyes.

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Characteristics of Asus MG248Q 144 Hz Gaming Monitor:

This monitor is very useful for any kind of works. The main characterizes of a 144hz Monitor is given below-

  • 24 inches full HD gambling monitor
  • Ultrafast 1ms reply time and 144heartz for comprehensive-smooth gameplay.
  • Exclusive game plus and display widget for fine-tune settings
  • Congenial for NVIDIA 3d vision with 2kit for standard 3d gaming
  • VESA wall-wane able to save desktop space plus with ergonomic-planning
  • Factory-made in China
  • Flexibility in price range


Last of all, this high-quality monitor for not only gaming systems but also you can use this for any kind of work. This gaming monitor design is really great to see, and it is an as thin as you did not see before. You can tilt, rotate and forth it anywhere. Not only its design awesome but also its graphics really awesome. You can feel free to get it at a cheap rate from big shopping sites and from any big marketplace.


NBA 2K18 Patch 8 Update: Everything You Need to Know

The new NBA 2K18 patch 8 update has come at the right time most notably to bring about changes to the instability brought about patch 7 upgrade (example, the instability presented in My Team Server). The patch update comes in the form of a 6GB data and for some reason has no official patch notes like details of what it sort to rectify apart from the general one that it sort to eliminate the instability gamers previously faced with patch 7 upgrade. In the patch upgrade, 8 some new classic and all-time stars have been added. An example of the players included are: Rashard Lewis to the All-Time Magic, All-Time Thunder - Kevin Martin, All-Time Kings-Donyell Marshall added to the 2007 Cavs team. Rashard is a great addition to the game for his past contribution to the Orlando Magic team that was always among the title contenders in the 2007- 2010 seasons. Rashard Lewis also averaged 20 points per game for Seattle Supersonics later in his career.

Roster Update

Apart from the addition of above players, there was an extensive update in the roster with Atlanta Hawks’ Tyler Cavanaugh carrying the day as the most improved player in overall statistics after getting a 7- point leap from an overall stat of 65 to 72. The surprising thing about Tyler Cavanaugh is that he is a rookie player. His last 5 matches have seen him averaging over 10 points and over 6 rebounds per game. The 23-year-old has had an accuracy rate of 50% from the 3 pointer shooting range. Before this successful run, he had only managed to get double-figure points in only one game.

Michael Beasley of the New York Knicks was also listed among the most improved in the list. The former number 2 draftee during the NBA draft pick has been averaging 22 points per game with an average of 7 rebounds too in his recent 6 match games. His overall stats rose from 73 to a new high of 78.

The team with the highest number of squad members that dropped in overall stat rankings was the Washington Wizards. The likes of -Bradley Beale -Otto Porter- Jason SmithAll dropped collectively with a stat drop of (-2).

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Release Date

The NBA 2K18 Patch 8 Upgrade was released on the Game’s website on December 21, 2017. It can be downloaded free of charge and occupies a storage space of 6GB.


In conclusion, we can all agree as gamers that this NBA 2K18 patch 8 upgrades came at the right time specifically for its role in the instability fixing what was brought about by patch 7 upgrade. Addition of some all-time stars came as a boost too, for most gamers who had wanted the inclusion of some of their most favorite stars like Rashard Lewis added to the game. The update of the roster brings about the competitive nature among the teams in the NBA 2K18 Game according to their recent form.In My Team server, one can now smoothly access the teams without the constant hang.My verdict about this NBA 2K18 patch 8 upgrade is that it’s a good addition and a must download from the game’s official website.

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files :Game Review

The virtual reality game is a violent crime thriller set against the theme of 1940’s Los Angeles, now in stunning virtual reality. The gamer is placed directly in the place of a Detective named Cole Phelps and he or she solves serious crimes, conspiracies, and plots inspired by cases that are real from 1947 Los Angeles, one of the more violent and corrupt times in L.A. history. However, seven missions are only what it features, which provide roughly eight hours of gameplay and that is down from twenty-one cases in the original LA Noire game. If you’ve never before experienced it in its entirety, it will be confusing seeing a new partner for each mission without any added context. Due to the missions’ very episodic nature, however, it largely still works.

The VR Medium

The unique character delivery puts forth a sense of urgency and often disdain, unlike any other video game experience. The game goes into the VR medium strengths by putting the gamer in the direct face with digital human beings who are pretty convincing. The VR game presents an argument that is unwavering for VR as a compelling entertainment medium and should be welcomed as yet another stepping stone to the true presence in digital worlds.

Featuring seven cases explicitly rebuilt for virtual reality, the VR game adds new layers of realism and immersion to Rockstar Games’ crime thriller as you solve select cases from the original blockbuster game spanning the detective’s mysteries of Traffic, Arson, Homicide, and more. Regarding changes and gestures as compared to the original L.A. Noire game, some of the pleasant moments are introduced by the ability to point fingers and draw old-timey glasses/beards on suspected persons in your handbook.

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The Virtual Reality game has been entirely overhauled so that you can pick up a wide variety of objects that are highlighted in the world. As much as it is not up to the level of Job Simulator regarding interactivity, Rockstar games do a good job of convincing the gamer that LA Noire was built from the ground up for VR. The player can pick up plates, cups, and simply toss them around. Where this interactivity becomes impactful is when, for instance, the player is standing over a dead body examining how it happened.

The first-person view brings forth the illusion that the player is a detective by allowing the gamer to pick up and examine clues like he or she might come across in real life. The game makes the player think in a new light about evidence. However, not all these interactions are positive. For example, you may have to hold a matchbook with a hand and then use another hand to open it and look inside for additional clues. However, the answer isn’t as apparent in VR since you don’t know what objects might have a second layer of interactivity using your free hand.


As much as the game has some graphics and interactivity flaws, it functions well at making the player think and feel like a detective in a way that the base game can not. As much as the virtual reality version isn’t a replacement for the original game, it allows the gamer to put himself or herself in the best moments from the original game in a new realistic way.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy: Game Review

Created by QWOP creator, Bennett Foddy, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy video game was released as part onOctober 2017 and the other part was released on December 6. The game intends to give you the real meaning of “starting over is harder than starting up.” The game features a silent man sitting in a pot and wielding a Yosemite hammer.

The man, Diogenes, uses the hammer to catch objects and lift himself up. In the game, you are supposed to move the Diogenes’ upper body and the sledgehammer on a steep mountain using your mouse. The game becomes difficult as you progress and although it is quite entertaining, it will also irritate you as you try to move one level to the other.

#The Game Difficulty

Unlike many other games, Getting Over It aims at testing your patience, determination, and your ability to handle difficult challenges. Once you start the game, Diogenes is at the foot of a mountain, and you are supposed to find ways to use the sledgehammer to help him climb. However, the game doesn’t offer instructions on how to use the hammer, and you are expected to figure that out on your own.

Every level of the game has unseen challenges, and without any checkpoints, you can easily fall back and lose all your progress with one single mistake. It takes a lot of patience and determination to rise the levels with unforeseen challenges and high level of creativity to think how you are supposed to move Diogenes upwards. However, as you progress and approach challenges, the parts that seemed almost impossible will be a walk in the park.

#Fun of the Game

The game can be fun and frustrating at the same time with the aim of teaching you how to be persistence. For instance, after working so hard to climb a hill and you are almost at the top, and you use the hammer but it accidentally hits an obstacle on the other side, you will find yourself falling straight to the foot of the hill. Imagining all the effort, you have used to climb the hill can make you burn up with anger and at the same time laugh at yourself for making a clumsy mistake.

After the disappointment, you are going to get a satisfying feeling after you finally learn from your mistakes and finally manage to overcome all the obstacles. To add humor to the game, there are several jokes to ridicule your clumsy losses. To calm your nerves, there is also a soothing song that plays in the background whenever you encounter an irritating loss.

#Final Verdict

The game concept is more of a life lesson where there are no warnings of what you will encounter in ahead unless you gather the courage to take a step. The game teaches you how to overcome daily challenges and develop the courage to gather yourself up even when you fail. It also teaches you how to be cautious in that after you master the obstacles that are sending you at the bottom of the hill, you will be careful to avoid them a second time. Despite playing with your frustrations, once you make your way to the top, you will get a cooling bliss of accomplishment. With all these features, the game is worth trying.